Live In Care

A package of live-in care may include:
Personal care which includes washing, bathing, toileting, dressing and undressing; and helping the client to make choices about what to wear.

Supporting the clients' routines.

Helping with medications and liaising with GP and other medical professionals.

Help with menu planning, shopping, preparing and cooking meals.

Housework, laundry and ironing.

Visiting friends and family; attending social events.

Assistance with outings.

Assistance with mobility.


Helping the client to keep fit; encourage hobbies and interests.

The carer will help the client to make decisions for themselves rather than make assumptions about their needs.

How does Live in Care work?

Our Live in Carers adapt to individual needs and wishes, supporting with personal care and continence care, support with medication or with restricted mobility. Whether someone needs Live in Care for a short while, a given period (perhaps to cover your usual carer's absence) or indefinitely, we can help. It means peace of mind, round the clock.

It doesn't have to be personal care; we understand the importance of maintaining a home. Our Live in Carers can assist with domestic tasks such as cleaning, keeping the home tidy, laundry and other similar light duties. Nutrition is also very important; our Live in Carers can cook according to specific desires and tastes and can advise on how to achieve a well balanced diet.

Commonly, of greatest importance, is the companionship our Live in Carers can provide, the quality one to one time they spend, talking, sharing experiences, shopping and keeping the service user company.

Cover and Changeovers

If a Live in Carer becomes sick or needs to return home for any reason, we immediately provide another fully trained Live in Carer, we will never leave the service user without care.

The day before a Live in Carer is due to go on leave, another fully trained Live in Carer will arrive at the home for an overnight changeover and to be introduced to the service user.


The Live in Carer will need their own room. They will require food and drink provisions following a 'normal' balanced diet. Any special dietary requirements are expected to be purchased by them. Given the level of attention provided, it is important the Live in Carer takes regular breaks. If needed, we can provide a relief carer to cover these breaks, from our AmberGreen Heath and Social Care services

The Process

Should you decide that Live in Care is appropriate for you or someone you know, we can arrange an informal and free of charge meeting with an experienced assessor to discuss what type of care and support is required. You may choose to have with you a family member or friend who knows you well, to help you tell us what you need and would like us to do for you. We will do a full assessment and create a Live in Care plan for your approval. This plan will be unique to your requirements and will provide important direction to the Live in Carer on a daily basis. We will then ask you about the type of Live in Carer you are looking for, considering everything from age, gender to professional skills and personality compatibility. From this we can then suggest a Live in Carer whom we feel is suitable and will 'fit in' well with your family.

After the first few weeks, your AmberGreen Heath and Social Care Live in Care Manager will be in touch to ask to see you about how things are going, make sure you're happy with our service and make any necessary changes to the Live in Care plan. We'll also suggest a time period for regular reviews so that we can constantly assess our levels of service and care, making adjustments as necessary.

All information gathered is treated confidentially.

The benefits of Live in Care



Couples can remain living together

High level of personal one-to-one support

Minimal disruption of chosen lifestyle

Individuals can stay in their own homes

Family pets can be kept

Peace of mind for the individuals - as well as their friends and family - that care is always at hand Live in Care is a great alternative to Care Home support. It is practical, flexible and affordable.